Festivals and other fun

Ahhh, the life of an indie filmmaker. Rejection, rejection, rejection and then…acceptance! A few festivals are screening our movie this spring. I finished the trailer a few weeks back and was all excited to post it, and then realized that I should think about my marketing/selling strategy before releasing stuff to the general public…I’m learning a lot as this process continues. I’ll announce the festival acceptances as soon as they themselves make the lists available online. And, fingers crossed, we’ll keep screening and screening…

In the meantime, I’m spending a lot of time researching, eyes glazed over, staring at the computer and willing it to give me answers about next steps. Luckily, I have a lot of excellent resources from film school, industry contacts, and other advice-givers, such as people who have been through this process themselves. It’s just a matter of reaching out and getting in touch.

Facebook, Twitter, blog, constantly staying in the public eye, but not giving away too much…It’s a fine balance. It already feels like ages ago since I finished the movie, and eons ago that we actually shot it…Though I passed by Acapulco restaurant yesterday in Westwood, and smiled fondly!