Cinequest Film Festival!

Woohoo! We will be having our world premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose! We’re part of the Maverick competition, so keep your fingers crossed.

The festival takes place from March 1st – March 13th, so Bay Area folks, keep your calendars open.  Screening times are posted on the website, and you can buy tickets there.  I’m hoping we can fill those theaters up.

I love film festivals.  I’m excited about meeting new people, pressing the flesh, showing the movie around, and talking about the experience and what’s coming next.  I think these are great opportunities to get the movie out into the world and to also really get the wheels moving on the next project…Which I’m still figuring out.

It still seems daunting and exhausting to try and start the whole process over again for the next film, but my hope is that, despite what I’ve heard from other indie filmmakers, that it gets easier.  I’m choosing to be blindly optimistic right now until I can get my energy back up.  :)

More festival news to come soon!