Cinequest wrap-up and Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles

So! Troublemaker ran to rave reviews and successful screenings at Cinequest!  It was a whirlwind.  The festival was so good to us, and it was a great place to debut the film.  Each of our evening screenings were packed, and our Monday afternoon was over half full, which I hadn’t expected for a weekday.  And there were plenty of insightful questions for me during the Q&As.  I got to meet some awesome filmmakers and made some good contacts for getting more traction with the movie in the days to come.

And the next festival we’ll play at is the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles!  This festival is near and dear to my heart.  I attend it each year, and they played my thesis film, “Beast,” back in the day.  It’s always a great experience, and I’m honored to have my feature have its LA debut there.  Especially since it’s at the sweet Arclight theater out in Hollywood.  Next step – get it to play in the DOME…Maybe 3-D?  Blow up to IMAX?

In the meantime, I’m applying to more fests, compiling press about Troublemaker, and working on marketing/distribution materials.  And I’m staying in touch with the awesome cast and crew, many of whom I still see on a regular basis.  It’s great to have some distance from the shoot at this point, and I only remember the golden, beautiful moments of magic, instead of the harrowing tales of near-disaster.  :)  Not that we had any of those, right, guys?

Keep checking in for more updates!