Well, the amazing Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles closed on Sunday, and I’m still recovering from the fun and chaos.  This festival is close to my heart – I’ve been going as an attendee for years, and it was such an honor to be there with “Troublemaker!”

I saw a slew of fantastic films, the best of which was the sublime Udaan, about which I’d heard rave reviews. It lived up to each one of them – a gritty, disturbing, beautifully realized and poignant character study of a young man struggling with his scarily dominant father.  It’s so exciting and refreshing to see new voices and sensibilities coming up in Indian cinema.  Though, even as I write that sentence, I’m reminded of classics like “Masoom,” “Arth,” and “Khatta Meetha,” all movies made outside mainstream sensibilities, and made decades ago.  I suppose there are always groundbreaking films, and always brave filmmakers who tell excellent stories.

IFFLA was once again an inspiring event that connected and reconnected me with creative, passionate people.  God, I love movies.