Learning the distro game

I almost titled this post “learning the back end,” but thought that didn’t sound quite…propah.

I haven’t blogged since April, but there have been many Troublemaker updates this summer!  There will be  announcements over the next month or so, so stay tuned.

What have I been up to?  Well, after meeting and speaking with countless distributors, producers’ reps, and DIY fellow indie filmmakers, I’m a little bogged down by all the chatter.   Time to make some spreadsheets?  Are spreadsheets my security blanket?  I need  way to organize all the marketing/PR/distribution strategery, and believe me, it often feels like marshalling troops for a battle.  Theatrical, DVD, VOD, all sorts of digital options, worldwide, domestic, all-inclusive, educational…Good lawd.  Lots of learning as I go.

I’m itching to get Troublemaker revved up and out into the world, but it’s a long, long, loooonnnngggg process.  Still waiting to hear back from many festivals; still taking meetings and chattering away; still determining the best process for the film in the long run.  It’ll happen.  Oh yes, it’ll happen.  It will be mine.  Is it weird that I still make Wayne’s World references?  That movie is embedded in my brain.