Onwards and Upwards

Another week of working at breakneck speed for Troublemaker!  There’s literally nothing I’d rather be doing – except maybe sleeping in sometimes…

I had a screening of my short film last weekend, and some of the questions I was asked made me even more determined to make Troublemaker, and to keep writing movies that have strong female and minority leads that relate to a larger audience.  You don’t have to be Indian-American, or a woman, to relate to our lead character, Rekha, and her economic troubles, her quarterlife crisis, and her general attitude towards life.  She’s a regular person with regular problems, and she happens to be brown and female.  I’d like to see more of that!

This week, I’m putting together our wish list of locations, resources, and equipment, and I’m also brainstorming the best way to shoot the road trip.  Do we all pile into a bus and trek up the coast?  Do we fly key people to each location, and schlep the rest of us in the picture car, the grip truck, and my sweet little Scion?  How bad will my car smell after we get back?  Will we have to stop every ten minutes for someone to go to the bathroom?

I’m also starting to send out emails galore.  Friends, prepare for the blasts…Also, I’m excited to eat Tofurkey this Thursday.  That’s right, EXCITED.

Thanks for reading!