Casting, cars, and caffeine

I’m sitting on the floor, surrounded by headshots, drinking from a gigantic cup of coffee that I’ve reheated about twenty times, listening to extremely unhip music.  Let’s just say…”Africa.”  That’s right, the one by Toto.  I’m singing along, too.

We had our first round of auditions this past week (thanks to everyone who came out to help!), and saw lots of extremely talented actors.  Now comes the tough part – sifting through the tapes and photos, and trying to decide between equally excellent people who bring different sensibilities to the role.  It’s exciting and daunting at the same time, pretty much like everything about this feature film.

We’ve also started locking down locations, which is very exciting, since they’re directly tied into both the schedule and our equipment needs.  The wonderful Quyen Tran and I started to hammer out some of the details a few days ago – every filmmaker needs an understanding, encouraging DP like Madam Tran.  Also, she cooks a ridiculous breakfast.  Definitely an improvement over my usual cereal and/or lumpy protein shake.

Arati is pounding the pavement, taking care of business like a badass, and then some.  UCLA compadres and other filmmaker friends keep offering encouragement, which is seriously invaluable, especially after so many sleepless nights, with many more to come in the next few weeks.  Two excellent friends came through with their cars, which means we now have vehicles for both “Rekha” and “Omar,” which is awesome.  We’re getting there – sometimes it feels like an inch at a time, but we’re moving forward nonetheless.

Contact us if you have ideas for locations, or if you just want to share the love.  We’ll take it!