One week to go!

Phew! Back at the computer for a brief moment, making lists, updating things, and responding to zillions of emails. My lists these days also include showering, just to make sure it doesn’t slip my mind in the midst of everything else.

So, a few changes, a few updates! Our leading lady, Pranidhi Varshney, comes to us from Chi-town, and she keeps blowing me away at each rehearsal. The fantastic Jesse Garcia unfortunately became unavailable, but we hope to work with him in the near future! Playing “Omar” is now the fantastic Peter Pasco, and “Dev” will be played by the stellar Ajay Mehta. Check them out on our Cast page, and stay tuned for more updates.

We’re also updating our Crew page, so as headshots and bios trickle in, we’ll put ’em up.

I honestly don’t know how much time I’ll have from here on out to keep updating, but I’ll do my best, because it’s nice to be able to look back and say, wow – that’s where we used to be.  We start in exactly one week – on March 2nd – and our last day is March 24th.  We’ve gotten a lot of support and love so far, and it just keeps on coming – it means everything, and I’m very appreciative of everyone’s efforts!

Thanks, and wish us luck as we really get rolling!