Damn!  Already almost halfway through the shoot – and as I mainline coffee, it’s time for some updates about how the shoot is going!  Short answer – awesomely well.  Our cast and crew are kicking ass, and even during the stressful times, I’m grateful to have everyone’s excellent attitudes to remind me that we’re doing something fun, and that it’s all to get this collaborative vision out into the world.  I’ll be adding more crew and cast pics and production stills to the site as we continue on.

I’ll also add more to the blog when the shoot is over, since there are some good stories to tell!  I’m taking notes after each day to remind myself of how each day went.  In the meantime, thanks to everyone for their support, and I’m going to go nap and get ready for the second half of this adventure in Filmland.

Bright and early manana!