The Homestretch…

We have five days left to go, and we’ve all been working hard and playing hard!  I’ve been checking out the footage each week as we run the backups, and I’m itching to get editing…though I’ll probably take at least a few days off in between…yeah, a few days off sounds pretty good.

After today, we have a straight shot from Saturday until Wednesday, when we wrap!  Equipment returns on Thursday…and a looooooooong nap on Friday.  While I’m looking forward to starting to reclaim my life, it’s amazing how fast this time has already gone – it’s been an incredibly fun experience so far, and I give all that credit to our amazing cast and crew, who have had my back throughout the shoot, keeping the story and the best interests of the film in mind!

Check out our production stills so far!  Special thanks to Karuna Karmarkar, our awesome production designer, for these pics.  I’ll keep adding, and I have a nice compilation of stories from each day to share when we’re all wrapped.  Thanks for all the support and encouragement, and here we go, sprinting towards the finish line!  Woohoo!