Editing and hermit-hood

Nearly two months since we wrapped!  Can’t believe it.  Time has flown, and is flying, right by my window.  I’m spending nearly every waking moment in post-production hermit-hood: editing, emailing post-prod people, calling and researching rates, all that good stuff, and all from the comfort of my very own home “office.”  So far, I’ve only been out in the sun to check mail.  For a brown person, I’m getting pretty pasty.

Speaking of mail, if any of you have tried to send anything to our PO Box, I’ve just been informed that, unless it was addressed directly to “Shetani Films,” it was most likely sent back.  I slapped my forehead and asked them to put my name on the PO Box as well, and added the Troublemaker name.  Hope that solves it!

And now, back to editing, and thinking about editing.  I dream about editing.  I wake up and my  mind is immediately racing through scenes, sound ideas, keyboard shortcuts.  I also keep re-living the shoot through each cut, but I’m trying to distance myself and be merciless.  Merciless!  I’m channeling Edward Scissorhands.

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