Now Casting

SAG Ultra Low Budget (both SAG and non-SAG members encouraged to submit)
Start Date: March 2010
Locations: In and around Los Angeles, with possible travel to Seattle and Reno

Auditions will be held in early January in Los Angeles.  Please submit by January 2nd and we will contact those we’d like to bring in.  Send headshots, resumes, and links to reels to

Thank you!

REKHA (LEAD) – early 20s, South Asian-American.  Rekha has been born and raised in America.  She’s a struggling writer with a huge chip on her shoulder, and her quick temper and irresponsible attitude get her in hot water financially and emotionally.  She currently works at Mama Rosa’s, a local Mexican restaurant.  She and her best friend, Omar (cast) go on a road trip to find her father.

JAYATI – mid to late 20s, South Asian-American, a doctor.  Jayati is Rekha’s childhood friend and understands Rekha almost better than anyone but Omar.  Though she has fun going out and getting crazy with Rekha and the group, she worries that Rekha’s irresponsibility will finally catch up to her.

MARISA – early 20s, any ethnicity.  Marisa is good friends with both Rekha and Omar from their college days.  She’s a go-getter who receives good news that she got a much-coveted job in Boston, and will soon be moving away from the group.

NAVIN – early 20s, South Asian-American.  Navin is gay and unabashed, and good friends with Rekha from their college days.  He’s a budding law student.

MR. MURRAY – 50s, any ethnicity.  Rekha’s landlord who’s running out of patience with her.  Is gruff and only too happy to serve her an eviction notice.

DENISE – 20s, any ethnicity.  Denise is Rekha’s mortal enemy at work, and her opposite – beautiful, feminine, and very capable at her job.  Denise has a long-standing crush on Omar, and the attraction is somewhat mutual.  Gets in an awkward fist-fight with Rekha and loses.

CARLOS – 40s, any ethnicity.  Rekha’s boss at Mama Rosa’s.  He’s been putting up with her sloppy work for about six months, and has nearly had enough.

ANAND – late 40s – early 50s, South Asian.  Comes in to Mama Rosa’s restaurant with his wife, Nandini, their friends, and two sons for dinner.

NANDINI – late 40s – early 50s, South Asian.  Comes in with her husband, Anand, for dinner, and recognizes Rekha.  Has a shady past with Rekha’s father, and gossips with her friend, Paavai, about Rekha’s dysfunctional family.  Her cruel comments lead Rekha to a bad decision.

VIJU – 8-10, South Asian.  Anand and Nandini’s son.

SAMEER – late teens, South Asian.  Anand and Nandini’s son.

PAAVAI – late 40s – early 50s, South Asian.  Glad to gossip with Nandini about Rekha’s family.

RAJA – late 40s – early 50s, South Asian.  Paavai’s husband.

BRIAN – 30s, any ethnicity.  He’s trying to park outside of Mama Rosa’s when Rekha swoops in and steals his parking spot.  Thinking revenge, he goes inside and is seated in her section.

HAROLD – 50s – 60s, any ethnicity.  A patron of Mama Rosa’s who knows and likes Rekha.  Married to Sarah.

SARAH – 50s-60s, any ethnicity.  A patron of Mama Rosa’s who knows and likes Rekha.  Married to Harold.

NURSE – 30s, any ethnicity, male.  Works with Jayati.

“BELLHOP” – 40s – 50s, any ethnicity.  A sloppy, ornery sort of guy who works for the motel where Rekha and Omar stay.

STONED GUY – early 20s, any ethnicity.

JOAQUIN – 20s, of Latin descent.  Omar’s slightly older brother and roommate.

CLUB GUY – 20s, any ethnicity.  Rekha dances with him and kisses him in a club.

MADHVI – late 40s – early 50s.  Rekha’s mother, heard in a voiceover and seen in pictures only.  She lives in India and has remarried.

“GRIZZLY” MAN – any ethnicity, any age 30s and above.  Big beard, lots of facial hair.  Is very suspicious and skittish when Rekha and Omar arrive on his doorstep to ask about her father.

STREET KID – teens, any ethnicity.  He and his buddies break into Omar’s car and steal their stuff.  He gets into a scuffle with Rekha and is able to run away with her bag.

MAID – 40s, any ethnicity.  She works in the mansion and answers the door when Rekha comes looking for her father.

MRS.  KUMAR – 50s – 60s.  South Asian.  She speaks Hindi fluently, and has an emotional conversation with Rekha about her deceased husband.

MEENA – 40s, South Asian.  Meena is beautiful and angry, and has a young daughter with Rekha’s father, who has since left them.  She is stunned to meet Rekha and though she’s unfriendly at first, begins to sympathize with her.

DEVIKA – early teens, South Asian-American.  Devika is Rekha’s half-sister, who looks very similar to her, and who is growing a similar chip on her shoulder.

TOUGH GUY – late 30s, early 40s.  Hangs out at the dive bar and buys pot from Rekha and Omar.

GAS STATION ATTENDANT – 40s – 50s, South Asian.  A kindly man who is nice to Rekha while she browses around in the mini-mart.

SHEILA – 30s – 40s, Caucasian.  Sheila is beautiful and sophisticated, and works with Rekha’s father at a car dealership.  She is having an affair with him.

SALESMAN – 30s, any ethnicity.  Works at the car dealership and directs Rekha to her father.

MIKE, BOB, and JIM – 40s – 50s, any ethnicity.  They work with Rekha’s father at the car dealership.  They are there to talk to Rekha’s father about a potential promotion.

ROBIN – 50s, any ethnicity.  A kindly woman who keeps interrupting Rekha’s conversation with her father.

DR. ROBLES – 50s, any ethnicity.  Jayati’s contact at a nearby lab.  He interviews Rekha for a job.

PROFESSOR – 30s – 40s, any ethnicity.  Explains a  lab job to Rekha.