Rekha has a bad temper and a bad case of writer’s block. While she lashes out at everyone around her, her life spirals further and further out of control. One by one, her friends are moving on with life, while Rekha is stuck in her dead-end waitressing job. And, unlike her friends, she doesn’t have her parents to fall back on when times get rough.

But one day, Rekha overhears surprising news about her newly surfaced, suddenly rich father, a man absent from her life for over ten years. She decides it’s time to confront him and make him pay for all the trouble he’s caused her since he left. Rekha convinces her best friend, Omar, to take her on a road trip to find her father. Along the way, they rekindle a messy romance, and when Rekha finally sees her father for who he is, she must decide whether to stay mired in her quarterlife crisis, or if it’s time to finally grow up.